Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bethlehem Baptist minutes 1875

These minutes are from Bethlehem Baptist Church in Grubville, Mo. Double click on any of the documents to enlarge and read them. The stone above is for John P. Lollar who was the clerk for many years.p. 73 Feb. 1875 continued
The church "procede to ballot for a pastor to serve. . .ending Sept. 1875. . .the church agreed to pay Bro. Wm. McMurta six dollars per month. . .Certain vouchers agree to see Brother Mc paid for his services to wit Brothers A.P. McCulloch, J.J.Carrow, L.H. Lee, and C.K. Herrington, James M. Pounds on motion Church adjourned. . ."

April 1875
Brother George Steel brought a motion ". . .relative to having the list of names on the church book reconsidered and near as can be ascertained the number that has moved off and gone off, died and does not attend. . ."

p. 74 April 1875 continued: A committee was appointed: George Steel, George H. Frost and J. P. Lollar.

May 1875 This committee reported back on the membership list.
P. 75 July 1875: Brother A.P. McCulloch has been the treasurer of the church.
p. 76 August and September 1875
This discusses their preparing a letter for the Association Meeting.
P. 77 November 1875 H. Hensley has been selected as pastor ". . .for fifty dollars until the association in Oct. 1876. . ."

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