Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bethlehem Records 1876

P. 78 February 1876 ". . .as our pastor was proventially detained away from attending called Brother McKay occupied the stand and preached Saturday and Sabbath. . ."

There was no page 79---it was missing.
Page 80 "29th day of April 1876 a special meeting was called for the express purpose of getting a reconciliation between Elder Wm. McKay and Brother L. H. Lee (Lewis Harrison Lee). After some explanations were made and the erring party discussed the subject to some extent. . .giving each other the forgiving handshake. . ."

There was no page 81---it was missing.
P. 82 August 1876
Althought the church chose Elder William McKay, Brother Robert Wilson and O.D. Bittick (Oliver Delor Bittick who was married to Arabelle Lee and Martha Adaline Lee who were Margaret Julia Graham and Lewis Harrison Lee's daughter and granddaughter) to represent them at the Association meeting, Brother Wm. McKay asked the church for letters of dismission for him and his wife. Is this the same as Elder William McKay or is this someone else with the same name---his nephew with the same name would been just 17 years old. . .
Page 85---I'm not sure what this is---some sort of membership list: William McKay, Thomas Pearce, Lucy McCullock, Docy McFry, Jane Evans, Mildred Lee, Sarah Wideman, Malidy Wideman, Unity Evans, Martha Whitsell, Robert Wilson, Jessa Beeler (dismissed by letter)

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