Monday, September 6, 2010

Bethlehem Baptist Minutes 1881

These records are from the Bethlehem Baptist Church near Grubville, Mo. The tombstone above, for James W. Thompson who died Feb. 21, 1890, is in the cemetery there. The membership records for this period, show the condition of some of these documents and why there are pages missing. Click here.
Feb. 12, 1881 ". . .Owing to a violent storm there was no meeting of the Church on Saturday nor any preaching on the Sabbath. . ." George Steel, Clerk [married to Margaret Julia Graham's granddaughter Mary Mildred Lee]
March 12, 1881 ". . . The Committee in the case of Bro. Wm. A. Jones made a report and was discharged. Bro. Jones having written a letter to the Church in which he acknowledges his faults and asks foregivenes, the church forgave him and the case was dismissed. Bro. Jones also applied for a letter of dismission which was granted. The case of Mary Patton was next taken up but as the sister was sick, the case was continued. The clerk George Steel tendered his resignation. . .Bro. Stephen Pounds [Lucinda Graham's brother-in-law] was unanimously elected. . .Bro. Wayne K. Deffenbach applied for a letter of dismission which was granted. . .Bro. George Steel applied to the church for license to preach which was granted. . . The case of Sister Margaret Leeper [daughter of Arah Graham and Giles Sidney Lee] having obtained a letter from the church and having united. . ."

continued: "with a church of another faith and order church while wishing and praying for Sister Leeper's prosperity is compelled to exclude her from fellowship. . ."

April 9, 1881 ". . .the case of Sister Mary Patton was taken up and a new committee consisting of Bro. Stephen Pounds and Sister Margaret and Ardell Carrow were appointed. . .charges of immoral conduct were preferred against Bro. Fred Weber, and Bros. J. P. Lollar, Theodore McKee and George Steel were appointed a committee to see Bro. Weber. . .Bro. [J.J.] Carrow, Treasurer made his report which showed that the Church has only paid Bro. McKay ten dollars of his salary for the current year."
May 7, 1881 ". . .The case of Sister Patton and Bro. Weber were continued there being no report from the committee of such a nature that the church could act upon them."
Aug. 1881 ". . .The committee on singing. . .recommended the Baptist Tune and Hymn Book and the Church add Lord Book on motion the Church ordered two dollars and fifty cent be raised and sent the delegates to the association. . .church instructed a letter of Recommendations for Br. Elder George Steel to presented to Brotherhood wherever his lot may be cast. . ."

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