Friday, September 17, 2010

Bethlehem Baptist 1898-1899

Bethlehem Baptist Church in Jefferson County Missouri has reached a fairly peaceful period. Most of the meetings had no business which is good--- no one was accused of dancing, not many changing their membership. To read the complete document, double click on the photos. A peaceful church is a good thing although it can be a little boring for a historian. :-)
P. 13 May 1898 ". . .Sister Bittick presented her letter to the church. A motion was made to receive her in the church in full fellowship. . . E. J. Hemrick moderator, Thomas Eoff clerk protem."
June 1898 They intend to make an ". . .an absent list of those who do not attend church. . ."
p. 14 July 1898 They elected delegates to the association: J.G.Lee, J.S.McKay [John S. McKay] and J.L. Perkins [John L. Perkins]. William. Alvoid moderator protem and J.L.Perkins Clerk Protem.
p.15 Oct. 1898 ". . .Bro. J. W. Wideman called for a letter from Bethlehem Baptist Church to unite with some other of the same faith and order which was granted. . . moderator E.J. Hemrick; George W. Harrison church clerk"
p. 16 Nov. 1898 ". . .Matilda Lewis called for a letter to enter with some other church of same faith and order. . ."
p. 17 Jan. 1899 No business
Feb. 1899 ". . .Owing to rain and bad weather was no church in February."
March 1899 No business
June 1899 No business E.J. Hemrick, moderator; W. R. Williams [W. Riley Williams] clerk pro tem.
p. 20 July 1899 No business
Aug. 1899 Association delegates: J. S. McKay, W.R. Williams and George W. Harrison.
p. 21 Sept 1899 Jefferson Co. Baptist Association met at Bethlehem
Oct. 1889 ". . .1st visiting brethren invited to a seat in council; 2nd the door of the church was opened; 3rd the minutes of the last meeting were called for. . .4th Sister Melvina Graham was granted a letter of dismission from the church when joined to another of the same faith and order. . ."

Last, but not least. . .
Dec. 9, 1899 No business
Jan. 1900: to be continued.

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