Friday, September 3, 2010

Bethlehem Baptist 1877-1879

These documents from Bethlehem Baptist Church in Grubville, Missouri were found in this house---it now holds hay and yes, that is open in the top story. It's a miracle that these documents are in as good of condition as they are. Some of the worst pages are featured in this posting.
Some of these documents have large chunks missing.
1877 ". . .Brother Martin Eoff came. . .and making some acknowledgment. . .church received him in full fellow. . ." The Financial Committee ". . .collected $42 and . . .lacking a small sum of having. . .and subsciption enough to pay off pastor salary. . .the name of Thomas Hudson was found. . .have the most votes without a special meeting being called. . .and the name of Thomas Hudson was. . .5 and objections on the grounds that he. . .a legal baptist menitster based on. . .report of the committee appointed. . . .St.Louis Association to invest. . .his standing as a minister . . ."
There was another page similar to this which I did not photographed because there were scribbles over it and it was written on as was this one: "This minutes done away with".
The page above mostly consists of names on a petition but I don't know what the petition was for:
------1, Bittick, Frost, George R. Frost, Wm. F. Lee, John M. Wilson, John F. Wilson, O. H. Lee (Oliver Henry Lee), Bonnie Wilson, George H. Frost, C.R. Lamar (Charles Robert Lamar), Jefferson Frost, Wm. Bazeale, Absalom Klump, C.H. Ramy, Newton Eoff, Daniel J. Henry, Huldah Frost, Adaline (Graham) Wilson, Emily Henry, Mary A. Wilson, Fannie Wilson, Josie Wilson, Euginie Klump, Mary E. Klump, C.M.Frost, Margaret Lee, Melvina C. Lee, Martha A. (Lee) Bittick, Amanda (Graham) Harbison, Nancy C. (Baker) Graham, Martha J. Lamar, Mahala J. Frost, Lucinda Frost.
'This foots up the minutes up to this date including the Petitioner request from Bethlehem Church done by order of the church now in session. . .next regular meeting March 1879."

March 1879 ". . .dispensed with Sister Sarah J. McKay. . .letter of dismission. . ."

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