Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bethlehem Records 1880

Feb. 21, 1880 ". ..adjournment there being no Pastor nor a quorum present. . ." March 1880 ". ..the case of Missouri Wilhite was taken up and dispersed by excluding said sister from the fellowship. . .a committee of two be appointed to visit on Br. William Pounds and report at our next meeting in April. J. J. Carrow and Silas Pounds, committee. Also a committee of two be appointed to wait on Br. Robert Hunt and Br. Henry Hunt. . .committee Lester Henry and Augustus Graham. Sister Mary Wiley asks for a letter from Bethlehem Church."

April 17, 1880". . . Brother Wm. Pounds case taken up. . .said brother was excluded from the fellowship by request and swearing the case of Robert and Henry Hunt. . .committee failed to report. . .Mary Patton's case was continued until our next meeting."
October 9, 1880 ". ..No pastor being present Elder L. H. Lee. . .acting as moderator. Sister Martha Whitsett applied for a letter was granted. . ."

Nov. 14, 1880 ". . .After sermon by pastor from 2nd Cor. 10 ch. 4 verse the church proceeded to business. The case of Bro. Henry Hunt was taken up and after some discussion the brother was excluded the offense being dancing. . ."November cont.
"Brother Wm. Jones for conduct unbecoming a Christian and the clerk was appointed a committee to write Bro. Jones a letter asking him to meet with the church if possible and answer the charge or else give the church a satisfactory answer by letter

Elder L. H. Lee called the attention of the church to the fact that a letter written by Elder Wash. Stephens which appeared in the "Central Baptist" Oct. 30, 1880 contained many gross misrepresentations about our church and its action in regard to the erring members. After an informal discussion, during which the letter was read to the church, it was decided that it is beneath the dignity of Bethlehem Church to engage in a newspaper discussion. . ."

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