Monday, June 13, 2011

Cemetery Stones

The Bethlehem Baptist Cemetery is filled with my relatives most of whom were Longs, Browns, Grahams, Reiters, Tyreys.  But, I did photographs some that weren't related (as far as I knew)
The stone above appears to say "Miller" but I don't know whose stone it was, but it was so different from most of them in the cemetery.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Manion and McKay Grave Stones

In Memory of Paul E. Manion 1925-1945 Died at Sea, Attached U.S.S. P.C. 815.  According to this Wikipedia article, this ship collided with another ship in San Diego in 1945 and one person was lost at sea and presumed dead.  His name was not mentioned in the article, but I have to assume it was Paul E. Manion.  The ship, oddly enough, was at one time under the command of L.Ron Hubbard of Scientology fame. Paul's parents were Carrie Wilson (1856-1979 and William Clinton Manion (1869-1979).

He was not their only child to die young:  Ross D. 1908-1927  Ruth E. 1913-1937.  William Clinton Manion's first wife was Elizabeth Reiter whose stone can be seen here.
Valentine A. Manion (1838-1860) was the son of Susan Graham and John Samuel Manion.
Although this is clearly a Manion, but I am not sure who.
John F [Franklin] Manion Nov 10, 1864-May 13, 1925 and his wife Lucina McKee Sept 8, 1865-June 3, 1945  John F. Manion was the son of William G. Manion and Minerva McCulloch (Grandson of Susan Graham and John Samuel Manion).  Minerva's stone can be seen here.
Thomas J[Jefferson] Manion born June 18, 1831; died Feb. 9, 1908 was the husband of Mary [Ann Pounds] and also the son of Susan Graham and John Samuel Manion.  Although I am related to all of these Manions above (through Susan Graham), the McKays below were photographed because, I had read enough of the Bethlehem records to know they were the "movers and shakers" of the church.
Elizabeth G. [Wilson] McKay born Dec. 8, 1824 died Jan. 23, 1894 was the wife of John Michael McKay (1821-1891).

Rev. Robert W. McKay Feb. 7, 1903- Oct. 26, 1947  Berta Lee McKay Sept. 3, 1906-Nov. 8, 1998
Mary L McKay March 9, 1851-Nov. 2, 1937  Wm Robert McKay March 9, 1859-Nov. 2, 1938.  At this time, I don't know the maiden names of Mary and Berta Lee McKay.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Stones in the Bethlehem Cemetery

 I took photos of many of the stones in the Bethlehem cemetery which are seen throughout the posts.  But, some of the stones included individuals who were not mentioned in the written records which I transcribed.  Most of them are cousins of mine.
 Bert (Albert) M. Brinley Feb. 18, 1888-Jan. 1 1963 (1964) and Yetta G. Washburn Brinley May 14, 1890-June 24, 1936  Bert's mother was Jane Valle and her mother was Caroline Tyrey, the sister of my great-great grandmother (Eliza Tyrey Reiter).
 Ida A. Brinley Brown 1879-1927 James Brown 1865-1934 Both Ida and James are cousins of mine.  James is the first cousin of my great grandfather Thomas Long and Ida is Bert Brinley's sister (see above)

Daughter J.F.- M.V. Brown Oct. 31, 1885-Dec. 13, 1885 I haven't figured out who this is since there is no name other than "Daughter".  Although the death date looks like 1995, I'm pretty sure it is 1885.

Homer Leo Couch April 13, 1916- Feb. 11, 2010 and Mae Gladys June 28, 1916-March 16, 1992.  Although I am related to about a dozen Couches, I am not sure how Homer Leo fits in.  His wife was Mae Miller and I don't believe I am related to her either.
 Myrtle Eoff Quick April 29, 1906-May 28, 1970 Charles Lloyd Quick March 7, 1900-Feb. 3, 1980 I'm not sure I'm related to either of these two either, but the name Quick caught my eye since Quicks might be related from when family lived around Spanish Lake in St. Louis, Mo.
 Martin Uriah Graham Nov. 11, 1854- May 19, 1916  Amanda A. Wilhite May 13, 1860-Feb. 12, 1943  Martin was a double cousin since his father was William Kane Graham (brother of my great-great grandmother Mary Graham Brown) and his mother was Sarah Elizabeth Long (sister of my great-grandfather Milton Long).  Although Amanda wasn't related, her father was Ezekiel Wilhite and her mother was Martha Jane Wilson.
George Jay Graham March 10, 1886- November 25, 1938 is the son of Martin Uriah and Amanda Graham.  He died in Montana, but is buried in Grubville, Mo.

For a list of all cemetery stones transcribed by Jefferson County Historical Society, click HERE.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Church Records 1926-1932

These records are for Bethlehem Baptist Church on Highway Y in Dittmer or Grubville, Missouri.  To be more specific, see the geological survey marker I found there. (Double click to enlarge)
The documents were not found in the church but in the open attic of an abandoned log house.  They were not in great shape, but at least we salvaged some wonderful information.
March 1926 ". . .John and Hazel Drinnen called for letters which was granted. . .E.J. Hamrick, moderator; Annie McKay, clerk"
July, 1926 ". . .election of messengers to meet with the Jefferson County Baptist Association:  James Adams, Charles Henry and wife; alternates E. J. Hamrick and Virgie Wilson. . . "  In the margin is written in pencil "Aug. 1926 Bro. Carroll; Oct. 1926 Bob Richardson"
July 23, 1928 p. 187 ". . .1) elected messengers to association.  Elected were Brother John Wilson, James Adams and wife.  Alternates: Charles Henry and wife, Annie McKay. 20 Collect $7.00 due Adolph Eaton 3) $50 collected for missions 40 Ballot on pastor results Bro. Wm. Montgomery. . .O.B. Waine Scott, moderator; Annie McKay C.C.
Sept. 22  "Letters granted to Freemont Pounds and wife. . ."
Oct. 28 "A letter granted to Mrs. James (Nettie) Pounds. . ."
July 28, 1929 p. 170 ". . .messengers to Jefferson Co. Association:  Charles Henry and wife, Bertha Wilson; Alternatives:  James Adams, Shelby Wilson and wife.  Messengers to pledge $25 to District business.  Next vote on pator.  Bro. William Montgomery was elected for the coming year.  Wm. Montgomery, Moderator; Annie McKay, clerk"
Dec. 28, 1930 ". . .Sister Pearl Green called for letter to join S. Kingshighway Baptist church which was granted. . .Bro. J. Williams, moderator; Annie McKay, Clerk"
June 28, 1930 ". . . after sermon, Mrs. John A Henry granted a letter of dismission. . . "
July 26, 1931 ". . .James Wilson and wife, Charles Henry were messengers. . ."

July 24, 1932 " . . .those elected [messengers] were Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Wilson and Mrs. Annie McKay.  Alternates Mr. and Mrs. James Williams and Charles Henry. . . Bro. John Williams, moderator, Annie McKay, C.C.
Bro. A.P. Hamrick held a 2 weeks meeting beginning 4th Sunday in Aug. 13 additions.
No Business meetings from July 1932 to March 1933."

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Church Records 1924-1925

 June 29, 1924 ". . .there were two requests for letters of dismission:  Sisters Winnie Manion and Anna Maness which were granted. . . E. J. Hamrick, Moderator; Annie McKay, Clerk"
 July 29, 1924 ". . .Bethlehem Baptist met in regular conference at 2 PM Sat. before 4th Sunday in July. ..the church proceeded to elect messenger to the association. Clerk ordered to write the annual letter to the association.   Messengers:  Bertha Wilson, James Adams, Robert McKay. . ."
 January 25, 1925 ". . .Thelma and Floyd Miller requested letters from this church to join Antioch Baptist in Chesterfield, Mo. which was granted. . ."
 May 23, 1925 ". . .Brother Howard Miller was granted a letter from this church on his request to join Lafayette Park Church in St. Louis. . ."
Aug. 22, 1925 ".. . Messengers were elected to meet with the Jefferson County Baptist Association:  J.M. Wilson, Bertha Wilson, Myrtle McKay. Alternatives:  Charles Henry and wife, Virgie Wilson.  Charles Henry was appointed board from Bethlehem Church. . .
Sept. 1925 Brother Carroll preached on Sunday. No October meeting.
November 1925 Brother Carroll held a week's meeting collected for District Missions $15.35"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Church Records 1922-1923

Bethlehem Baptist Church is in the Dittmer, Grubville area of Jefferson County, Missouri.  Double click on any of the documents to enlarge them.
March 1922 "Bethlehem Baptist Church met in regular conference at 2 AM [PM?] on Sat. before the 4th Sunday in March.  After sermon by pastor, church came to order for business.  Minute read and approved.  Request from the Old Folks Home for eggs discussed.  Church decided to save the eggs Easter Sunday. .. E.J. Hamrick, Mod.; Myrtle McKay, church clerk"
April 1922 ". . .Clerk being absent, Mrs. W.R. McKay elected clerk pro tem. . . Clerk had statement on the April egg offering for "The Old Folks Home".  The offering amounted to $3.78. . . .E.J. Hamrick, mod' Mrs. W.R. McKay, clerk pro tem"
July 1922 ". . .James Adams, Mrs. Bertha Wilson and Myrtle McKay were elected as messengers [Jefferson County Baptist Association].  Howard Miller, Gladys Lee and John M. Wilson alternates.  Clerk ordered to prepare annual letter.  James Adams elected trustee in lieu of his father (now deceased). . . .E.J. Hamrick, moderator; Myrtle McKay, church clerk."
Aug. 26, 1922 ". . .Pastor being absent, Bro. James Adams was called to the chair as moderator. . . Bro. Geo. W. Harrison, Sister Vern Marsden, Sister Elizabeth McKay and Bro. Johnny McKay requested letters which were granted.  John M. Wilson elected trustee of church in lieu of J.L. Lee now deceased. . . "
Page 155 Oct. 1922 No business
Nov. 1922 ". . .Bro. Robert McKay received by letter from Oak Grove Baptist Church.  J. P., Myra, Ray and Robert McKay requested letters from Bethlehem to unite with West Park Baptist Church in St. Louis which was granted.. . EJ Hamrick, Mod; Myrtle McKay, C.C.
Page 158 July 1922 ". . .Motion and second that we elect messengers to seat in counsel with the Jefferson Co. Baptist Association.  Bro. John Wilson, Sister Bertha Wilson, Bro. James Adams were elected as messengers.  Alternates Charles Henry and Robert McKay. . . "
August 1922". . . The church elected Bro. E.J. Hamrick for the coming year. . . Bro. E.J.Hamrick, Mod; Annie McKay, Clerk Protem.
". . .Bethlehem Baptist Church was called to order.  Sister Elsie Manion called for letter which was granted. . . E.J. Hamrick, mod; Annie McKay, clerk"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Church Records 1919-1921

The above photo is from the Long Family Reunion in 1931.  The quality on this copy is not very good, but it has the benefit of everyone being identified. Double click to enlarge the photo.  Click here if you want to see the entire original photo.  Again this post has information about my great uncle Harry Bruns who is mentioned below.  He is on the crease on the right side of the photo just behind my grandfather Roy Long.
 July 12, 1919 ". . .The annual election of messengers to the association. Mrs. Bertha Wilson, Ray McKay, Myrtle McKay were elected as messengers.  Rev. J.P.McKay, Verda Wilson and H.A.Coleman (alternates).  . .pastor H.A. Coleman, church clerk Myrtle McKay.
 Page 141 August 1919 ". . . Church then proceeded to the business of calling a pastor for the coming year.  The church immediately called Rev. A. P. Hamrick.  Clerk had a communication from Mount Hermon Baptist requesting  Bethlehem Baptist Church to send the pastor and deacons to sit in the council at the ordination of Bro. Harry Bruns. . .pastor H.A. Coleman, c.c. Myrtle McKay"
 July 10, 1920 ". . . After devotional service led by Rev. J.P. McKay. . . .Church then proceeded to elect messengers to Jefferson County Baptist Association.  The following were chosen Ray McKay, James Adams, Bertha Wilson.  Alternates Myrtle McKay, Jennie Adams, Jennie Bittick. . .A.P. Hamrick, pastor; Myrtle McKay c.c.
Aug 7, 1920 ". elected J.P. McKay as a member of district Missions Board for Bethlehem Baptist.  It being annual time for calling pastor (Bro. Asa [Hamrick] having decided he could not serve no longer) the church proceeded to call pastor which resulted in calling of Bro W.W. Hamilton. . .W.W. Hamilton, moderator; A.P. Hamrick, pastor; Myrtle McKay, clerk

Bro. Asa Hamrick began revival services Aug. 18, 1920.  Meeting continued until Sept. 14, 1920, 15 enlisted in the cause of Christ and united with the church.

Bro. Asa [Hamrick] organized a BYPU Nov. 28, 1920"
Oct. 9, 1920 ". . .Sister Cora Adir called for letter which was granted.  Church agreed to pay pastor twelve ($12.00) dollars per month. . .W.W. Hamilton, mod; Anna McKay, clerk"
January 8, 1921 ". . .Sisters Gertrude and Myrtle Williams received by letter. . . W.W. Hamilton, mod; Myrtle McKay, c.c."
Page 149 Feb. 12, 1921". ..two requests for letters (Mrs. Lizzy Johnson and Mrs. Felix Williams) which were granted.  The church invited the fifth Sunday meeting to meet with them in July.  Bro. Steel requested that we invited them as it was an an anniversary of his ordination. . . W.W. Hamilton, Mod; Myrtle McKay, C.C.

Marcy 1921 ". .. There not being enough members present Saturday afternoon to transact business, Bethlehem Baptist came to order for business after the eleven o'clock service. . .Bro. Newton Eoff called for letter which was granted.  Pastor then offered his resignation which was not acted on but to be decided later. . . W.W. Hamilton, Mod; Myrtle McKay, C.C.

Double-click on the photo (or any document) to enlarge.  The white bearded gentleman seated 4th from the right is George Steele mentioned in the above record.  To see the identities of others in the photo, click here.