Saturday, August 28, 2010

Construction of Bethlehem Baptist Church

This is Bethlehem Baptist church as it appears today. Below is a document with the treasurer's records on materials to build the meeting house. This blog gives more details on its building as will the minutes from 1871.
Although these are primarily minutes of the monthly meetings of Bethlehem Baptist Church near Grubville, Mo., this document above shows the treasurer's notes on the building and financing of the meeting house:
1871 Lumber building materials $177.80
Glass Putty Paints oil doors and sash 20.75
Locks hinges nails 17.55
Freight on lumber 17.50
1872 Freight on lumber 17.50
Paid E.F. Wilson for stonework 75.00
Paid John Millen (Miller?) " " 128.20
1874 For hauling and sundry wood 18.75
Total expenditures up to this date 473.05
1875 One hundred and five dollars 105.00
Add to the above amount is 578.05

1874 Collected by subscription $437
1875 Taken up by collections to finish up the church
about one hundred and five dollars 105

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