Friday, September 10, 2010

Bethlehem Baptist 1888-1891

Sept. 1888 ". . .Bro. Robert Hunt charged fiddling and dancing at balls. . .a com. appointed to visit him. . .Bros. Silas Pounds and George Evans. Bro. Stephen charged with swearing. . .a com. appointed to visit him. . .Bros. J. P. Lollar and Joseph Brown[son of Mary Polly Graham and Henry G. Brown]. Sister Martha V. Carrow charged with dancing . . .a committee appointed to visit her Sisters Joseph Brown [Mary Ann Hanvey?] and Manerva Manion [Minerva McCulloch]. . .W. G. Manion [William G. Manion] and John S. McKay was appointed to draw of the name of members on the church book. . ."
P. 104 Feb. 9, 1889 ". . .Annie Grayham aplide for a letter of dismis to join at Desoto. . ." I didn't correct the spelling on this. . .I'm not sure who she is but am pretty sure this should be Annie Graham.
Aug. 1889 The Church Book of names committee: J. G. Lee, W. Elwood, J. L. Perkins ". . .Brother S. G. Medley and Sister Melvina Graham [Augustus Graham's wife] granted letters of dismission. Sister Bettie Reiter elected solicitor for the ensuing year. . . " Bettie or Elizabeth Reiter was my great-grandmother's sister. I'm very impressed that she has been elected to this job as a single woman of 22 years old.
November 1889 ". . .the reception for members. Sister Annie Hulsey received on her letter from Providence. The presbytery then proceeded to the ordination of Bro. John S. McKay to the Deaconship of the church. . ."
Oct. 10, 1891 ". . .Sister Bettie Reiter elected solicitor for the ensuing year. . ."
Elizabeth "Bettie" Reiter Manion 1867-1904

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