Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bethlehem Records 1882-1885

Jane Elizabeth McCulloch Pounds, first wife of Isaac Evans Pounds
p. 55 Nov. 11, 1882 ". . .the church agreed to pay the pastor fifty dollars to labor as pastor for one year. The church gave Brother Pierce the right hand of fellowship greeting him as pastor. The church re-elected Bro. John T. Lee [son of Margaret Julia Graham and Lewis Harrison Lee] as treasurer for the ensuing year. .." John S. McKay, Clerk Elder N. M. Pierce, moderator.
Jan. 13, 1884 ". . .the abstract of names from the church book as corrected was presented. . .committee discharged. . .Stephen Pounds not present. . .new one appointed to report a February meeting. Bro. Silas Pounds [brother of Stephen Pounds]. . .Judson Pounds and James Thompson. . ." Sadly, there are pages missing.July 1885 ". . .Bro. Price McKay, the clerk was appointed to write the letter of greeting to the association. . .appointment of brothers John Lee [Margaret Julia Graham's grandson?], J. Price McKay and John S. McKay [delegate to Association]. . .the church agree to the ballot for pastor which resulted in the election of Bro. N. M. Pierce. . ."
Aug. 8, 1885 ". . .Bro. George Evans charged with dancing. . .a comitee appointed to cite him to the church com. John T. Lee, John S. McKay. Bro. August Marrah [sometimes written as Merrieu] charged with dancing. ..committee appointed to cite him. . .Joseph Brown [son of Mary Polly Graham] and Julius Valley [Julius Valle was the son of Caroline Tyrey]. Sister Emily Pilant charged with dancing. . .a committee appointed to cite her. . .Silas Pounds and Sister Frances Lee [daughter of John T. Lee?]. Ardell Dickey charged with dancing. . .com. appointed to cite her. . .John Lee Perkins and Sister Martha Bittick [daughter of Margaret Julia Graham]. ..a letter from George Steel requesting the church [assist]. . .J. Price McKay in going to school and also to bring his case before the association. S.S. Bittick appointed to take subscription and collect for that purpose. . .John S. McKay, Clerk Deacon L.H. Lee, moderator."

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