Friday, April 29, 2011

Church Records 1910-1911

Feb. 12, 1910 ". . .Bro. Ed Johns act as mod. pro tem.  After a song and prayer Bro. Mod. read for the lesson  34 Salms being the first meeting since the death of our devoted and esteemed Bro. Lem Williams. . .Bro. John Ogle reported having funds sufficient to purchase material to cover house. . ."
July 9, 1910 ". . .a motion was made that Bethlehem Church should be represented at the Jefferson Co. Bapt. Association by letter and messenger.  The messengers elected were John Ogle, John Perkins and Geo. Harrison. . .J.P. McKay, moderator; Geo. W. Harrison, CC"
Page 99 April 8, 1911 ". . .proceeded to call a Presbytery to attend the ordaining of Bro. J. Dickie.  the ones chosen were Bros. Steele, Short, Kite, Alvoid, Eoff, McKay. . .Thursday at one o'clock being 13 April. . .J.P. McKay, mod; Robert McKay, Clerk"

"from page 100:  John McKee and Geo. Harrison alternates J. Bittick, Roy Perkins, Robt. McKay. . ." I'm not sure what this is since I didn't copy the entire page 100---Jefferson County Baptist Association ?

June 12, 1911". . .Bro. John Ogle and his wife called for letters from Bethlehem Church to unite with some other church of the same faith and order which was granted. . ."

George Steele is believed to be the large white haired, white bearded man standing in the photo above.  Having taken these photos almost a year ago, I don't know why I didn't get all of Pages 100 or 101. . .
"July 30, 1911 Whereas Rev. Geo Steel a ministeral son of Bethlehem, a greatly beloved and honored colleague, in the ministery, a faithful and efficient servant in so many special calls is still loyal to the old church and community; and whereas he has served his generation through thirty years of ministerial life that abounds in good works and noble fruits therefor be it

Resolved that we clearly and umbly recognize god in his work and reverently appreciate this. . ."

1911 ". . .After singing and prayer and a sermon by Bro. Raney, the church was called to order by Pastor J.P. McKay.  A motion was made and seconded that Bro. John L. Dicky be excluded from the church.  Also that the bro [Dickey] being a minister should be published in at least three of our religious papers published in the country. . . "

(p. 99) April 19, 1911 "special session for the purpose of examining Bro. J. Dickie to the full ministry.  The presbytery organized the church voted to proceed to the ordination.  Bro. Geo.
Steel led in the examination question,  Bro. J.P. McKay ordaining prayers, Bro. Newton Eoff charge to the candidate, Bro. Steel preached the ordination sermon. . ."

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