Saturday, April 9, 2011

Church Records 1905

Ten years earlier, there were problems with the Grubville Church.  Click here.  The truth is the Bethlehem Church and Grubville Churches are not far away from each other.  I suspect Bethlehem lost a lot of its members to the Grubville Church.  After 10 years of problems, the resolution below indicates some progress is being made to becoming peaceful neighbors.

"Resolution  Submitted to Bethlehem Church Jan. 7th 1905
In the face of the Solemn facts that life is short, time precious and that the souls of men are dying, it behooves us to remove every barrier to success in the noble work of him who died for us.  And knowing as we do that in time passed there has been a difference of feeling that has tarded [sic]. . .

the work in this section of the country.  Therefore be it resolved that we each ask the forgiveness of the other for whatever the one thinks the other has done wrong and that we hence forth as far as the past is concerned regard each other as sister churches and work together as such in the one great cause of Soul wining in the name of our blessed Savior.  Be it fathful resolved that these resolutions be adopted by both the Bethlehem and Grubville Churches as a settlement of all passed grievances and that they be spread on our church books as a matter of permanent record.  When this is done we shall all be able henceforth to answer the inquirer that the matter is forever settled and is so recorded."

Jan. 7, 1905: ". . . Bro. J. E. Short read a prepared resolution which was to be adopted by Bethlehem and Grubville churches and which is adopted by Bethlehem to settle all past grievances and which is recorded on our records as such in book 2 on pages 58. . ."
Feb. 1905---there was no business
April 8, 1905:  "Bethlehem Church met after sermon by our pastor.  Church proceeded.  First a motion to erase the name of Elizabeth McKee which we did. . . J. E. Short, Mod; J. L. Perkins Clerk pro tem"
July 1905:  ". . .a letter presented to Bro. J. S. McKay and his wife if her name appeared on the church books. . .messengers and delegates [Jefferson County Baptist Association] John W. Lee, W.W. Powers, Ed Johns. . ."
Aug 1905: ". . .the church proceeded to elect pastor for the coming year which resulted in re-electing J. E. Short. . ."

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