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Church Records 1904

 The photo above is from the Jefferson County Baptist Association 1913.  One of the documents below mentions Amanda Reiter Ingalls who is one of the women standing by the fence post.  Her husband William Barber Ingalls is seated the second man from the left.
 January 1904 ". . .the Committee who was appointed to see Bro. Jas. Adams was asked to report.  Then the church decided the charge must be stated and as nothing could be done, the case was dropped and committee was discharged."

 March and April 1904 had no business, double click on the photo above to read it or any of these documents.
June 1904 "Sister Amanda Ingalls called for letter from Bethlehem Church which was granted.  Also Ada Robinson called for letter which was granted.  The Clerk was ordered to write same.  Meeting then elected delegates to attend Jefferson County Baptist Association as follows:  Bro. James G. McCulloch, J.P. McKay and George W. Harrison. . ." Bro. E.J. Hemrick, Moderator; George W. Harrison, Church Clerk.

August 1904:  "After services by Rev. William Alvoid, Church was called to order. . . the church proceeded to elect pastor for ensuing year which resulted in the election of Bro. E.J. Hemrick by unanimous vote. . .Wm. Alvoid, Moderator; Geo. Harrison, CC

September 1904: " . . .after services by our pastor E.J. Hemrick, church was called to order. . .Bro. E.J. Hemrick offered his resignation which was accepted.  Bro. John Lee was appointed moderator protem.  The church surrendered Rev. J.P. McKay credentials back to him.  They proceeded to elect a new pastor to fill place of Bro. E.J. Hemrick which resulted in the election of. . . "
". . . J.C. Short. There being no other business.  Church then approved to meet on Saturday after the second Sunday in October.  Bro John Lee, Moderator; R.W. Williams Clerk protem"

October 1904: ". . .Bro. John Frost received in church by letter. . .J.C. Short, moderator, R. Williams CC protem"

November 1904:  There was no business

December 1904:  (below) There was no business.

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