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Church Records 1903

 Annie Reiter Phenty (1876-1935)
 January 1903
  ". . . the church shall call council to decide if Bro. Price McKay shall continue in the ministry.  Motion made that Bro. E.J.Hemrick appoint council which was done and clerk ordered to notify same. . . ."
 Feb. 1903 "Bethlehem Church met Feb. 2, 1903 to  investigate the case concerning J.P. McKay.  The council not all being present, a new council was called to meet Feb. 22, 1903. . . .E. J. Hemrick, Mod; W.W. Powers Clerk"
"Mon. Feb. 23, 1903.  Church with pastor being absent Bro. John Lee was elected mod. protem. . .a motion was made to process with the case of Bro. Price McKay.  But the council who was called not being present, the church did not decide the case of Bro. J.P. McKay. . ." John Lee, Mod; Geo W. Harrison Clerk

 p. 46 April 1903 "The council who was called Feb. 23, 1903 to assist the church to the case of Rev. J. P. McKay did not come.  A motion was made and seconded that a new council be called to meet Mon. after second Sunday in May 1903 2 PM.  The advisory council consisting of members as follows:  Rev. R. A. Frazier, Alvoid, J.B. Emmons, G. A. Hardy, J.W. Ward and E. Anderson  and the clerk was instructed to notify same and the name Ada Williams was ordered dropped from the list of membership for uniting with another church of different faith and order. 4th Bro. N. Eoff and John Lee were appointed to write the church history for the committee of the Jeff. Co. Bap. Assn. . . ."  I don't know what the problem was with J. Price McKay being minister.  There was no March meeting and by the June meeting, he was elected Clerk Pro Tem.
June, 1903 ". . .sermon by R.A. Frazier who had come instead of the pastor E.J. Hemrick.  After the sermon, the church proceeded to business with Bro Frazier as mod.  The clerk being absent on motion J.P. McKay appointed Clerk Protem. . .historical committee made an indirect report and virtually asked for more time. . ."

 July 1903 ". . .Historical Committee not ready to report. 4th L. H. Reiter and wife called from letters for our Bethlehem Church which was granted. . . ."
 Aug. 1903 ". . .1st Church proceeded to elect pastor for ensuing year which resulted in re-electing E. J. Hemrick. 2nd. by motion Sister Annie Reiter [photo at the top of the page] and Bro. W.W. Powers was appointed Solicitors. . ." E.J. Hemrick mod. Geo. W. Harrison CC
 Nov. 1903 ". . .a committee was appointed to see Bro. James Adams for violating church rules and report at next meeting.  R.W. Williams and G. W. Harrison appointed as Committee. . ."
Dec. 1903 ". . .Bro. James Adams failed to report the church added Bro. E.J. Hemrick to committee. . ."

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