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Church Records 1912-1913

The photo above is from a very large photo of the Jefferson County Baptist Association which met at Bethlehem Baptist in 1913. Click here to see the photo close up with a few of the people identified.  If you recognize anyone else, please contact me or leave a comment.

March 10, 1912 ". . .our pastor read for the lesson a part of the 8th chapter of John after services. . .the case of J.L. Dickey was taken up and discussed.  The church decided instead of publishing J.L.D. (he being excluded from the church) to demand his credentials and ordered clerk to attend to same. . .J.P.McKay, moderator; Geo. Harrison, clerk

April 13, 1912 ". . .the clerk was granted more time to secure J.L. Dickey's credentials. . ."

July 1912 " . . .Sister (Anna Perkins) A. H. Coleman called for letter which was granted.  Sister Amanda [Reiter] Ingalls called for letter and was granted. regular conference, messengers elected Roy Perkins, George Harrison, Verna Harrison.  J.P.McKay, mod; Geo Harrison C.C."
110 Aug. 10. 1912 ". . .Clerk ordered to write J. L. Dickey to return credentials to church.  Mrs. Ellen Owen called for letter which was granted.  The church then proceeded to elect a pastor for the ensuing year which resulted in the election of Bro. Roy Perkins. . ."

". . . Bro. N. Eoff serve as moderator and J. W. Bittick clerk pro tem.  1st the church proceeded to elect a pastor which resulted in the unanimous vote for Bro. J. P. McKay to serve the remainder of the year. 2nd the time of business meeting was changed Sat. before second Sunday to Sat. before the 4th Sunday. . ."

114 April 27, 1913 ". . ."at their request Mr. and Mrs. Phenty [Annie Reiter] and Mrs. Millie Belew were granted letters of dismission to unite with the DeSoto Baptist Church.  After discussing some needed improvements on the church building, the church adjourned. . ."
Nov. 22, 1913". . .the church call a Presbytery namely Bro. J.B. Emmons, E.E. Howe, J.E. Short, Wm Alvoid, Newton Eoff, J. P. McKay, A H Blake, Fred Gasche and Dan Henry for the purpose of ordaining Bro. Roy Perkins . . ."

118 Nov. 30, 1913 ". . .the council composed of the following named Brethren E.E. Howe, Newton Eoff and J.P. McKay, Deacons J. Adams and Dan Henry.  Just before the preaching said council met and organized for the purpose of examining Bro. Roy Perkins to the work of the Gospel.  E.E. Howe was chosen to preach ordination sermon and led in examination of the candidate.  Newton Eoff read charge to candidate and JP McKay led the ordaining prayer.  Mrs. Mary Huskey called for letter from the Bethlehem Church to unite with some other church of the same faith and order which was granted.. . "

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