Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1902 Church Minutes

You can double click on these documents to read them. Sometimes, they aren't too exciting, but I do want to share them.

p. 38  Jan. 1902: After a prayer by N. Eoff, there was no business and the meeting was adjourned until Feb. 1902.     N.M. Pierce, Moderator    J.S. McKay Clerk protem

Feb. 1902: There wasn't any business.
March 1902:  1st, 2nd, 3rd items were:  open door for new members, seating visitors, reading the minutes.  ". . .4th A resolution offered to set aside March and April of each year to collect for state missions.  5th Our pastor offered his resignation of which the church accepted. . . ." N.M. Pierce, Moderator; G. W. Harrison, C.C.

April 1902: "1st elected Bro. J.S. McKay, Moderator.  After song and prayer church proceeded to elect a pastor to fill vacancy of N.M. Pierce unexpired term which resulted in electing Bro. E.J. Hemrick. . . J.S. McKay, Moderator; G. W. Harrison, CC"

May 1902:  There wasn't any business.
June 1902 ". . . sermon by Elder E.J. Hemrick. . . .Bro. W.R. Williams was appointed clerk protem. . ." There was no other business.

Aug. 1902 "Pastor not being present, Bro. J.S. McKay, Moderator protem. . .we then proceeded to elect pastor which resulted in re-election of E.J. Hemrick. . . (Amendment) Association letter approved by the church.  John S. McKay, Mod. protem; Geo. W. Harrison, Clerk"

Oct. 1902 ". . .Sister Maggie [Graham] Blake called for a letter from church which was granted and clerk ordered to write same. . .E.J.Hemrick, Mod; G.W. Harrison, Church Clerk."
Nov. 1902 ". . . after services byour pastor E.J. Hemrick, church was called to order for the transaction of business. . ."  E.J.Hemrick, Mod; G.W. Harrison, Church Clerk

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