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Church Records 1919-1921

The above photo is from the Long Family Reunion in 1931.  The quality on this copy is not very good, but it has the benefit of everyone being identified. Double click to enlarge the photo.  Click here if you want to see the entire original photo.  Again this post has information about my great uncle Harry Bruns who is mentioned below.  He is on the crease on the right side of the photo just behind my grandfather Roy Long.
 July 12, 1919 ". . .The annual election of messengers to the association. Mrs. Bertha Wilson, Ray McKay, Myrtle McKay were elected as messengers.  Rev. J.P.McKay, Verda Wilson and H.A.Coleman (alternates).  . .pastor H.A. Coleman, church clerk Myrtle McKay.
 Page 141 August 1919 ". . . Church then proceeded to the business of calling a pastor for the coming year.  The church immediately called Rev. A. P. Hamrick.  Clerk had a communication from Mount Hermon Baptist requesting  Bethlehem Baptist Church to send the pastor and deacons to sit in the council at the ordination of Bro. Harry Bruns. . .pastor H.A. Coleman, c.c. Myrtle McKay"
 July 10, 1920 ". . . After devotional service led by Rev. J.P. McKay. . . .Church then proceeded to elect messengers to Jefferson County Baptist Association.  The following were chosen Ray McKay, James Adams, Bertha Wilson.  Alternates Myrtle McKay, Jennie Adams, Jennie Bittick. . .A.P. Hamrick, pastor; Myrtle McKay c.c.
Aug 7, 1920 ". elected J.P. McKay as a member of district Missions Board for Bethlehem Baptist.  It being annual time for calling pastor (Bro. Asa [Hamrick] having decided he could not serve no longer) the church proceeded to call pastor which resulted in calling of Bro W.W. Hamilton. . .W.W. Hamilton, moderator; A.P. Hamrick, pastor; Myrtle McKay, clerk

Bro. Asa Hamrick began revival services Aug. 18, 1920.  Meeting continued until Sept. 14, 1920, 15 enlisted in the cause of Christ and united with the church.

Bro. Asa [Hamrick] organized a BYPU Nov. 28, 1920"
Oct. 9, 1920 ". . .Sister Cora Adir called for letter which was granted.  Church agreed to pay pastor twelve ($12.00) dollars per month. . .W.W. Hamilton, mod; Anna McKay, clerk"
January 8, 1921 ". . .Sisters Gertrude and Myrtle Williams received by letter. . . W.W. Hamilton, mod; Myrtle McKay, c.c."
Page 149 Feb. 12, 1921". ..two requests for letters (Mrs. Lizzy Johnson and Mrs. Felix Williams) which were granted.  The church invited the fifth Sunday meeting to meet with them in July.  Bro. Steel requested that we invited them as it was an an anniversary of his ordination. . . W.W. Hamilton, Mod; Myrtle McKay, C.C.

Marcy 1921 ". .. There not being enough members present Saturday afternoon to transact business, Bethlehem Baptist came to order for business after the eleven o'clock service. . .Bro. Newton Eoff called for letter which was granted.  Pastor then offered his resignation which was not acted on but to be decided later. . . W.W. Hamilton, Mod; Myrtle McKay, C.C.

Double-click on the photo (or any document) to enlarge.  The white bearded gentleman seated 4th from the right is George Steele mentioned in the above record.  To see the identities of others in the photo, click here.

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