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Manion and McKay Grave Stones

In Memory of Paul E. Manion 1925-1945 Died at Sea, Attached U.S.S. P.C. 815.  According to this Wikipedia article, this ship collided with another ship in San Diego in 1945 and one person was lost at sea and presumed dead.  His name was not mentioned in the article, but I have to assume it was Paul E. Manion.  The ship, oddly enough, was at one time under the command of L.Ron Hubbard of Scientology fame. Paul's parents were Carrie Wilson (1856-1979 and William Clinton Manion (1869-1979).

He was not their only child to die young:  Ross D. 1908-1927  Ruth E. 1913-1937.  William Clinton Manion's first wife was Elizabeth Reiter whose stone can be seen here.
Valentine A. Manion (1838-1860) was the son of Susan Graham and John Samuel Manion.
Although this is clearly a Manion, but I am not sure who.
John F [Franklin] Manion Nov 10, 1864-May 13, 1925 and his wife Lucina McKee Sept 8, 1865-June 3, 1945  John F. Manion was the son of William G. Manion and Minerva McCulloch (Grandson of Susan Graham and John Samuel Manion).  Minerva's stone can be seen here.
Thomas J[Jefferson] Manion born June 18, 1831; died Feb. 9, 1908 was the husband of Mary [Ann Pounds] and also the son of Susan Graham and John Samuel Manion.  Although I am related to all of these Manions above (through Susan Graham), the McKays below were photographed because, I had read enough of the Bethlehem records to know they were the "movers and shakers" of the church.
Elizabeth G. [Wilson] McKay born Dec. 8, 1824 died Jan. 23, 1894 was the wife of John Michael McKay (1821-1891).

Rev. Robert W. McKay Feb. 7, 1903- Oct. 26, 1947  Berta Lee McKay Sept. 3, 1906-Nov. 8, 1998
Mary L McKay March 9, 1851-Nov. 2, 1937  Wm Robert McKay March 9, 1859-Nov. 2, 1938.  At this time, I don't know the maiden names of Mary and Berta Lee McKay.

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