Monday, June 6, 2011

Stones in the Bethlehem Cemetery

 I took photos of many of the stones in the Bethlehem cemetery which are seen throughout the posts.  But, some of the stones included individuals who were not mentioned in the written records which I transcribed.  Most of them are cousins of mine.
 Bert (Albert) M. Brinley Feb. 18, 1888-Jan. 1 1963 (1964) and Yetta G. Washburn Brinley May 14, 1890-June 24, 1936  Bert's mother was Jane Valle and her mother was Caroline Tyrey, the sister of my great-great grandmother (Eliza Tyrey Reiter).
 Ida A. Brinley Brown 1879-1927 James Brown 1865-1934 Both Ida and James are cousins of mine.  James is the first cousin of my great grandfather Thomas Long and Ida is Bert Brinley's sister (see above)

Daughter J.F.- M.V. Brown Oct. 31, 1885-Dec. 13, 1885 I haven't figured out who this is since there is no name other than "Daughter".  Although the death date looks like 1995, I'm pretty sure it is 1885.

Homer Leo Couch April 13, 1916- Feb. 11, 2010 and Mae Gladys June 28, 1916-March 16, 1992.  Although I am related to about a dozen Couches, I am not sure how Homer Leo fits in.  His wife was Mae Miller and I don't believe I am related to her either.
 Myrtle Eoff Quick April 29, 1906-May 28, 1970 Charles Lloyd Quick March 7, 1900-Feb. 3, 1980 I'm not sure I'm related to either of these two either, but the name Quick caught my eye since Quicks might be related from when family lived around Spanish Lake in St. Louis, Mo.
 Martin Uriah Graham Nov. 11, 1854- May 19, 1916  Amanda A. Wilhite May 13, 1860-Feb. 12, 1943  Martin was a double cousin since his father was William Kane Graham (brother of my great-great grandmother Mary Graham Brown) and his mother was Sarah Elizabeth Long (sister of my great-grandfather Milton Long).  Although Amanda wasn't related, her father was Ezekiel Wilhite and her mother was Martha Jane Wilson.
George Jay Graham March 10, 1886- November 25, 1938 is the son of Martin Uriah and Amanda Graham.  He died in Montana, but is buried in Grubville, Mo.

For a list of all cemetery stones transcribed by Jefferson County Historical Society, click HERE.

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