Thursday, June 2, 2011

Church Records 1924-1925

 June 29, 1924 ". . .there were two requests for letters of dismission:  Sisters Winnie Manion and Anna Maness which were granted. . . E. J. Hamrick, Moderator; Annie McKay, Clerk"
 July 29, 1924 ". . .Bethlehem Baptist met in regular conference at 2 PM Sat. before 4th Sunday in July. ..the church proceeded to elect messenger to the association. Clerk ordered to write the annual letter to the association.   Messengers:  Bertha Wilson, James Adams, Robert McKay. . ."
 January 25, 1925 ". . .Thelma and Floyd Miller requested letters from this church to join Antioch Baptist in Chesterfield, Mo. which was granted. . ."
 May 23, 1925 ". . .Brother Howard Miller was granted a letter from this church on his request to join Lafayette Park Church in St. Louis. . ."
Aug. 22, 1925 ".. . Messengers were elected to meet with the Jefferson County Baptist Association:  J.M. Wilson, Bertha Wilson, Myrtle McKay. Alternatives:  Charles Henry and wife, Virgie Wilson.  Charles Henry was appointed board from Bethlehem Church. . .
Sept. 1925 Brother Carroll preached on Sunday. No October meeting.
November 1925 Brother Carroll held a week's meeting collected for District Missions $15.35"

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