Sunday, June 5, 2011

Church Records 1926-1932

These records are for Bethlehem Baptist Church on Highway Y in Dittmer or Grubville, Missouri.  To be more specific, see the geological survey marker I found there. (Double click to enlarge)
The documents were not found in the church but in the open attic of an abandoned log house.  They were not in great shape, but at least we salvaged some wonderful information.
March 1926 ". . .John and Hazel Drinnen called for letters which was granted. . .E.J. Hamrick, moderator; Annie McKay, clerk"
July, 1926 ". . .election of messengers to meet with the Jefferson County Baptist Association:  James Adams, Charles Henry and wife; alternates E. J. Hamrick and Virgie Wilson. . . "  In the margin is written in pencil "Aug. 1926 Bro. Carroll; Oct. 1926 Bob Richardson"
July 23, 1928 p. 187 ". . .1) elected messengers to association.  Elected were Brother John Wilson, James Adams and wife.  Alternates: Charles Henry and wife, Annie McKay. 20 Collect $7.00 due Adolph Eaton 3) $50 collected for missions 40 Ballot on pastor results Bro. Wm. Montgomery. . .O.B. Waine Scott, moderator; Annie McKay C.C.
Sept. 22  "Letters granted to Freemont Pounds and wife. . ."
Oct. 28 "A letter granted to Mrs. James (Nettie) Pounds. . ."
July 28, 1929 p. 170 ". . .messengers to Jefferson Co. Association:  Charles Henry and wife, Bertha Wilson; Alternatives:  James Adams, Shelby Wilson and wife.  Messengers to pledge $25 to District business.  Next vote on pator.  Bro. William Montgomery was elected for the coming year.  Wm. Montgomery, Moderator; Annie McKay, clerk"
Dec. 28, 1930 ". . .Sister Pearl Green called for letter to join S. Kingshighway Baptist church which was granted. . .Bro. J. Williams, moderator; Annie McKay, Clerk"
June 28, 1930 ". . . after sermon, Mrs. John A Henry granted a letter of dismission. . . "
July 26, 1931 ". . .James Wilson and wife, Charles Henry were messengers. . ."

July 24, 1932 " . . .those elected [messengers] were Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Wilson and Mrs. Annie McKay.  Alternates Mr. and Mrs. James Williams and Charles Henry. . . Bro. John Williams, moderator, Annie McKay, C.C.
Bro. A.P. Hamrick held a 2 weeks meeting beginning 4th Sunday in Aug. 13 additions.
No Business meetings from July 1932 to March 1933."

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