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Church Records 1914-1917

This photo is from the Jefferson County Baptist Association 60th Anniversary photo in 1913.  My great-aunt Katie Long Bruns is near the crease holding the baby.  Her husband, Harry Bruns (who is mentioned below) is the tall man kneeling to her left (he has a white spot on his head) For photos of more people who attended this event, click here

March 21, 1914 ". . .the clerk being absent, Bertha Wilson was elected Clerk ProTem. . ."I love that women are beginning to become officers even in 1914.
Page 123 "Jennie Gale Wilson was appointed assistant clerk. . . J. E. Short, Moderator, Jennie Gale Wilson, Assistant Clerk.
November, 1914 had no business
December, 1914 "No church on account of small pox"
January 9, 1915 had no business
Feb. 13, 1915  shows there is no business.
March 1915: "There was no church in March on account of small pox."
"We had no pastor for several months."

June, 1916 "Bethlehem church was called to order for business by Bro. J.P. McKay before funeral of Mr. John Brown.  Bro. Roy Perkins request for a letter to go to Brush Creek Baptist church was granted.  The clerk was ordered to write said letter.  there being no other business the church adjourned.  Rev. J P McKay, moderator; Jennie Gale Wilson, C.C.

Page 127 August 5, 1916
". . .after reading services by Rev. J.P. McKay, the church was called to order for business.  Rev. Newton Eoff was elected moderator.  Mrs. Margaret Lees request for a letter was granted. A letter received by the clerk from Lexington Junction Baptist Church was read before the church asking for help building a church.  #1.35 was collected for the purpose.  The clerk was ordered to send this amount to them.  Messengers were elected by the church to be sent to the association:  J.P.McKay, George Harrison and Jennie Bittick were those elected.  Ray McKay and L.P. Williams were elected alternates.  $1.50 was collected as minute money.  The clerk was ordered to write the letter to be sent to the association.  Rev. George Steele was elected pastor for the coming year provided he could serve us.  J.P. McKay was appointed the one to write Bro. Steele asking him if he could preach for us.  The church then adjorned and was dismissed by J.P. Mc Kay.  Newton Eoff, moderator, Jennie Gale , CC.
May 12, 1917 ". . . Mrs. Lillie Wilson's request for a letter was granted. . .J.P. McKay, Moderator; Mrs. J. N. Adams CC
October, 1917 ". . .Pastor beaing absent, Bro. Harry Bruns supplied. . .our pastor Rev. J. P. McKay sent in his resignation (he resigning to accept call elsewhere. . .the church clerk Mrs. J.N. Adams also resigned. . . Harry Bruns, Moderator.
Page 134 November 10, 1917
". . .There being no pastor, Bro. Harry Burns supplied. . . .Clerk being absent, church appointed Mrs. W.R. McKay clerk pro tem.  church then decided to call pastor.  Which resulted in calling Bro. H.A. Coleman. . ."

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