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Bethlehem Church Records 1901

Dec. 1901:  The second Sunday in December 1901.  After a sermon, the meeting was called to order. "Min. of Sept. Meeting read and approved.  Bro. G.W. Harrison asked the church to elect another clerk in his place.  The church then elected Bro. Jas. Bittick.  As no farther business, the church then adjourned to meet on the Sat. before the second in Jan. 1902.  Elder N.M. Pierce Moderator J.S. McKay Clerk Protem"

I'm not sure if we were missing pages or if they'd been stricken from the record. . . .

Page 35
July 13, 1901 "After a sermon by the pastor Eld. N.M. Pierce, the church was called to order and proceeded to business.  1st a motion was made and carried that the church correspond with the Jefferson County Baptist Association when convened with Providence Church Sept 5 1901.  2nd on motion the clerk was ordered to write corresponding letter to be presented to the church for its reception at our Aug. meeting.  3rd the Church then proceeded to ballot for Delegates which resulted in the election of Bros. Wm. Powers, Robert McKay and J.S. McKay.  The Church then adjorned to meet on the Sat. before the second sun. in Aug. 1901 Eld. N.M. Pierce, Mod. J.S. McKay clerk protem.

 page 30
Feb. 1901
"Sat before second in Feb. church met and after scripture reading and prayer was called to order.  There being no business. Robt. McKay was elected church clerk protem.  Church adjorned to meet Sat. before the second Sunday in March.
N.M. Pierce, Mod
Robert McKay Clerk Pro
Page 29
Jan. 1901  Sat. before second in January church met after sermon by N.M. Pierce.  Church proceeded to business in the usual manner. 1st visiting Bros. and Sisters were invited to a seat in council. 2nd door of church opened for membership. No response. 3rd. sister Lulu Perkins and Bro. Jas. Eoff called for Letters of dismissal from church which was granted. 4th Bro. L.H. Reiter (Louis H. Reiter) and G. W. Harrison was added to committee for purpose of raising money to finish _____ for painting of church.  There being no unfinished business, church then adjorned to meet Sat. before second Sunday in Feb.
NM Pierce Mod
Geo W. Harrison CC

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