Friday, June 25, 2010

Membership Records Continued 1880-1890

Again this one is repeating many that can be found here. I'll repeat these names since it's on a different page though: 1890---L.L.Wilson, Alice Wilson, Louis Adams, Thomas Williams, Mollie Pruit, Lucinda Huskey, William Powers, Freemont Pounds, Wisley Pierce, W. Riley Williams, Eveline Williams, Clinton Manion, Susan Bruinn, E.N.Ladd, Y.U. Williams, Virginia Pounds, Eliza Caviness, Ferdinan Gache, ---rea McKane [Area McKean], Laura Wilson 1898, Charles Evans, J.G (?) McCulloch, Vincen Paury (what are the odds that his name is hard to decipher on both documents), Billie Montgomery, Billie Thompson, Rosie Williams, Newton Eoff (reinstated), James L. Wideman.

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