Sunday, June 20, 2010

1896-1908 Membership Records Continued

 Rowena A. Ingalls was the infant daughter of Amanda Reiter and W.B. Ingalls who died in 1903.  Her grave is in the Bethlehem Cemetery.

James Wideman by E and B [Experience and Baptism], Martha Bittick died 1926, America Montgomery, Lillie Perkins, J. W. Bittick, J.A. Adams, Ella B. Williams (now Bittick), Millie Wilson (now Balou?), Berta Perkins (now Ricke), Bettie Perkins (now Tepee), Anna Perkins (now Coleman), Marion Manion, John L. Manion and wife, James Bittick, Thomas Manion, Josephine (Manion) Powers, Lucy Williams, Lucy Reed, Ed Johns, Carrie Wilson (now Manion), John Frost, Katie Adams (now Henry), Myra McKay, Harrison G. Hulsey, Carrie Wilson, Amanda [Reiter] Ingalls, Myrtle McKay, Anna C. Bittick (now Maness), Ray McKay. (This document is repeated to document all of the names in my index "labels")
Amanda Reiter Ingalls is one of the three women in white blouses above the fence post. Her husband, William Barber Ingalls is the second man from the left.

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