Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bethlehem Baptist Members 1870's

Amanda Graham Harbison (1854-1928)
These documents were found in a leaky attic of an abandoned house---the elements and critters had been at them for some time. I feel very fortunate to have been able to photograph them before they deteriorated any more. But, you'll see in this group some serious damage. Above are records of one of the monthly meetings with William McKay and C.F. Frost as moderator and clerk, but there are also notes pertaining to the membership records found on the previous page. I've divided that page into two parts because the quality was so poor:

Dec. 13, 1874: Mrs. Martha A. Bittick, Miss Huldah Henry, Miss Adrell Carrow, Mrs. Mary Dinkin, Miss Mary Hood, Mrs. Martha Huskey, Mrs. Kittie Thompson, Miss Anna J. Henson, Mrs. Mary McKay (from Sandy Church), Mr. Wm. McKay and wife, Mr. John Huskey, Mr. Robert Hunt, Mr. James Thompson, Mr. C. Kirk Hilterbrand, Henry Hunt, A. Brison.The lower part of the page has H. L. Diffenbaugh, Amanda Wideman, Sarah Wideman, Alvin P. McCulloch, John Graham, Miss Martha Wilson, Kansas Frost.

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