Friday, June 25, 2010

Membership Records 1880-1890 Cont.

I'm going to correct some of the spellings on this one: Jacob Edsell, Louis Powers, Victoria Wilson, Mary Ann ? Williams, Betty Riter (now Manion 1892) [Elizabeth Reiter], Melvina Graham, Annie Perkins (now Mc Kee), Louis Retcher, John F. Wade (departed 1891), Jane Wade, William Brown, Siner ?? McKee (now Manion), Mary F. Williams (excluded for dancing), Martha Whitworth, Emily Pilant, Annie J. Graham, William Pounds (restored), Silas Whitworth, Thomas R. Eoff, Samuel L. Medley, Elen E. Huskey, Rose Wideman, Susan E. Partney, Mary McCulloch, Willis Beavers, Winny M. Wilson, -inas Ogle, Louis Reiter [this is probably the son who moved to Montana], A-----------

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