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Bethlehem Baptist Minutes 1864-1865

Stone of Joseph Columbia Brown in Bethlehem Cemetery
In addition to Bethlehem Baptist (Grubville, MO) membership records, there were several hundred pages of meeting minutes dating from 1864 to 1932. I'm going to try to include everything that would be interesting to family members and genealogists without totally transcribing each document. If you are interested in reading the entire document double click to enlarge it. The passage below has information relating to the membership records on the previous page. This also mentions an earlier record book----the church was reportedly formed in the 1820's but probably needs that book to verify the date.
p. 13 Feb. 1864
Prayer by William McKay; L. H. Lee [Lewis Harrison Lee husband of Margaret Julia Graham] moderator pro temp; C.E.Frost clerk was instructed to get the church book from Newman Pounds [husband to Lucinda Graham]while being relieved from his clerkship by request and N. Pounds. Stephen Pounds being appointed and declined to accept. The new clerk was instructed to write. . . .new book. . .The church proceeded to appoint William McKay as pastor of the church.
p. 14 March 1864
. . . the case of Newman Pounds was taken up by he being accused of having a dance or ball at his house by motion there was a committee of those appointed to cite said Brother to attend at next meeting and give satisfaction to the church; said committee to consist of Bretheren L. H. Lee [his brother-in-law], R. Wilson [Robert Wilson],and Thomas S. Pounds [his brother]---a committee to report at next meeting.
June 1864 Summary: L. H. Lee was the only one of the committee to investigate Newman Pounds present so any decision will be postponed. Elder [Wm] McKay to serve on the committee. The voted on two new deacons: Robert Wilson and L.H. Lee.
Sometimes I'll be skipping pages because, basically the minutes say, "Nothing happened." But, for those of you on the edge of you chairs over Newman Pounds having a dance. . .I don't have that record, but his wife Lucinda Graham Pounds didn't leave the church until 1872 by a letter.
March 1865
William McKay opened with prayer. This rest is very hard to read since it was written in pencil:
Bro. Joseph Belew was chosen moderator pro-temp. The case of Brother Stephen P_____ taken up and was referred to a committee. The cases of Sisters Elizabeth McFry, Nancy Evans, Elizabeth Mothershead (crossed out), Brother Joseph_______ and W. F. Williams----the charge for all was for dancing. All of the named cases. . . . Sisters Catharine Frost, Margaret V. Lee, N. Pounds. . . .Committee to. . . .by order of the church. . .
The page above is easier to read, but I didn't copy it all and the handwriting. . .
. . .which was as full as the committee failed to see Brother Pounds those for the case. . . to next meeting. In the case of Sister McFry committee reported a_________ to come but failed therefore the case is referred to next meeting. In the case of Sister Hulsey. . . .sister to be excluded which was. . . .the case of Joseph Wideman and sister Carlin his wife---committee reports he did not do his duty. It was also referred to next meeting and a new committee to report the same in the case of W.F. Williams [crossed out] Joseph Brown [son of Mary "Polly" Graham] committee nor him being present the case was referred to the next meeting. In the case of Bro. Williams being present his case being called and explaining himself acknowledged to the charge but did not seem to express himself sorrow for what he'd done church therefore before his case to next meeting to give him time to meditate in one serious on the subject by request of Brother T. S. Pounds and acknowledgment of having him at a ball he was excluded by request.

May 1865. .. .The case of Elizabeth McFry charge having a ball at her house. She appearing and making proper acknowledgment was restored to full fellowship. Bro. Jacob Wideman and sister Carline Wideman charged with dancing from report of the committee. They was both excluded. Bro. Joseph Brown's case was referred to next meeting him nor committee neither attending. W. F. Williams was excluded for charge of dancing and failing to give satisfaction to the church. Sister Martha Evans case referred to next meeting. . . Malinda Drinen dismissed by letter. . .

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