Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lees in Bethlehem Cemetery

 Isreal E. Lee born Dec. 28, 1843 Died Mar. 24, 1920 Matilda [Wilson] Lee born Mr. 19, 1855 Died Jan. 24, 1909  I'm sure his name was Israel Edward Lee.
 This is just a fragment, but I think this is a Lee born July 17, 1876; died April 14, 1887.
 John T. Lee 1843-1922 [John Thompson Lee] Frances Lee 1849-1932 [Margaret Frances McKay Lee]

J.Edward Lee [John Edward Lee] 1870-1897 Son of John Thompson Lee.
Gladys Lee Hart Castleberry Dec. 23, 1900-Oct. 15, 1990 [Granddaughter of John Thompson Lee; daughter of Charles Oliver Lee]
Mary E. [Johns] Lee 1877-1940 Charles O. [Oliver] Lee 1871-1938

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